Yet again Islamic terrorists have struck in Paris, murdering well over a hundred innocents, and wounding hundreds more.  This time the killers belong to a group called ISIS, which also blew up a Russian passenger jet just a few weeks ago.  The response is the same as usual; shock, outrage, calls for solidarity, makeshift memorials, candlelight vigils, and above all, political leaders contorting themselves in an attempt to differentiate between Islam and terrorist murder.

Now comes the soul-searching of leftists who want to understand why Muslims hate us and what Western civilization has done to deserve being attacked.  This handwringing will continue in parallel with political right that will tell us everything can be solved with the application of bombs and inaugurating another endless ground war in the Middle East.

Neither launching another halfhearted war, nor placing “Coexist” bumper stickers on your Prius and bowing to Muslim intimidation is going to solve the problem.  Neither side will acknowledge the fundamental causes of the problem, and so yet again no workable solution will be forthcoming.  

The left cannot reconcile itself to the fact that Islam is utterly incompatible with civilized society and that this “religion” has been at war with Western civilization since the Prophet Mohammed began the violent imposition of his faith in the sixth century.  Through slaughter and intimidation he cowed the people of the Arabian Peninsula into converting to his new faith, and his successors waged war across North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe; imposing their strict laws on every aspect of human existence.

The spread of this tyranny was only halted in 720 at the Battle of Tours in northern France after the Muslims had conquered Spain.  Attacks against the West continued sporadically, with Ottoman Muslims overrunning the Balkans in Europe and being stopped virtually at the gates of Vienna Austria in 1683.  After the Ottomans sided with the imperial German government in World War I, Muslim power - in decline for centuries - collapsed.  ISIS and other Muslim organizations are seeking to restore the empire that once ruled the Middle East and terrorized the West.

Islam is not simply a religion in the sense we in the west understand religions.  We view religion as a private matter of conscience between oneself and one’s god, and that anyone should be free to worship in any way they choose, so long as it does not interfere with the rights of others.  Islam is not a religion in that sense - it recognizes no secular laws, only religious law.  It dictates strict rules for every aspect of human existence; law, government, economics, banking, food production, relationships, sex, marriage, child-rearing, and even dress and grooming.  Islam directs medieval punishments of stoning, beheading, dismemberment, and whipping for violations of its law.  It commands its followers to subjugate or kill all those who do not submit to Islam; the word itself translates as “submission and obedience.”  Retired US Admiral James “Ace” Lyons put it succinctly, “…Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion…”

As for the elites of the so-called right wing or conservatives and their penchant for war, they cannot admit that America’s actions in the Middle East have contributed to the Anti-American and Anti-Western climate.  While Islam will always seek to undermine and destroy civilized society and to bring it under its control, the stationing of military forces in their midst, propping up brutal dictators, and invading Islamic countries will most assuredly serve to rally more Muslims to arms and to be fitted for suicide vests.

Seven and a half years of war in Iraq and 14 years and counting of bloodshed in Afghanistan, has done nothing to dampen the zeal of Islamic fanatics.  More than a decade of extrajudicial assassinations of terrorist leaders and collaborators, carried out by robotic drones, has not served to prevent terrorists from organizing and carrying out attacks.  Our program of assassination in the War on Terror is no more effective than the same technique was in Vietnam.  Vietnam’s Phoenix Program carried out 26,000 targeted killings of Viet Cong honchos and never stopped or even slowed the pace of their operations against our forces in the south.

So what is the answer?  Finding the answer requires first that we all accept the realties of the situation, which we are far from doing.  Our public discussions need to recognize the limitations of our options; despite our unchallenged military might, we cannot subdue the Islamic peoples of the world.  Only mass extermination of the bulk of the world’s Muslims using nuclear weapons, followed by multiple invasions with a 20 million-man army could even begin such a task - and this something no one wants or is prepared to do.

The precise solution is a subject for future columns, but it involves establishing energy independence for the United States and beginning to militarily disengage from our global military empire.  It involves recognizing that every problem in the world is not meant to be solved by the American government.  It requires an understanding that this is a problem to be solved by the peoples directly involved and their neighbors; namely the Middle East and the European countries.

These most recent attacks, the predictable responses, and the irresponsible and poorly informed discourse about how to respond, highlights a much larger problem.  That is the lack of will on the part of the larger Western world to defend itself against the attacks of a rival civilization.  This has been plainly evident in the weak-willed responses to terrorism throughout the 1990’s which led up to the September 11, 2001 attacks, and it is again apparent in our tepid campaign against ISIS.

Even after the September 11 slaughter, leftists in the Western world have been far more concerned with “mistreatment” of terrorist murderers than with pressing the fight against those who openly call for our destruction.  Westerners have been murdered en masse: blown up, shot, incinerated, kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded, while the Western intelligencia and mass media wrings its hands about our “atrocities,” like putting underwear on a terrorist’s head, having a woman get near him, keeping his jail cell too cold, or dropping his Koran in the crapper.

We are locked in a struggle against an aggressor civilization that cloaks brutality and murder in the glory of religion.  It is a civilization that regards us as sub-human; that murders its women for crimes such as showing their face in public, being a victim of rape, or learning to read - a civilization that murders its men for shaving their beards, being a homosexual, or reading the wrong books.

Yet, in the face of this enemy, Western civilization collectively lacks the will to effectively fight back.  Already we hear in the media that there are “worries” that the Paris attacks will create a fissure in French society between Muslims and Frenchmen.  This is fantasy thinking; the Muslims of France have segregated themselves from French society because they reject it and everything it stands for.  After the Terrorist murders in Paris earlier this year brought on by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s “insult” of the Prophet Mohammed, leading Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary had this to say; 

Freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the Prophets of Allah, whatever your views on the events in Paris today! #ParisShooting

 (@anjemchoudary) January 7, 2015

There is a conflict in the world between those who believe sovereignty belongs to man & those who believe it belongs to God! #ParisShooting (@anjemchoudary) January 7, 2015

Muslims self-segregate themselves into insular communities in France and everywhere else they establish a beachhead.  Their Quran tells them, “Let not believers make friends with infidels…”[i] and “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends.”[ii]  Marwan Muhammed, a spokesman for Collective Against Islamophobia in France said earlier this year, “Who has the right to say that France in 30 or 40 years will not be a Muslim country? Who has the right in this country to deprive us of it?”  Meanwhile a thousand French supermarkets sell Muslim publications that openly call for murder of infidels and jihad.

Muslims have invaded Europe in massive numbers.  They openly call for the takeover of every nation they occupy, advocating murder and subversion, and yet the overwhelming response of the Western liberal ruling elite is apologizing to the Muslims for insulting them.  Our collective civilization lacks the resolve to defend itself against an implacable and vicious enemy.  Not only do we lack the resolve to fight - we cannot even bring ourselves to admit the reality that we are in a war for the survival of human civilization against a sadistic hoard of killers and their one billion fellow religionists.

The apologists claim that Islamist murderers have “hijacked” the religion of peace and that the vast majority of Muslims are non-violent and reject terrorism.  Then I ask, where is the army of Muslims arrayed to crush the Islamic State and its fighters?  Where is the outrage and the protest marches in the streets of Muslim nations?  Why are the leaders of the Muslim nations not sending forces to combat this abomination being committed in the name of their peaceful religion?  Why aren’t the leaders of these nations following Obama’s lead and talking about “the debt civilization owes to” Christianity?  Why don’t they defend Christian rights since the American president considers it “part of my responsibility as president to fight negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” 

The uncomfortable fact that no one wants to confront is that Islamist terrorists are merely carrying out the commands of their god as revealed in the Quran.  This holy book commands all Muslims, “…make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home…”[iii]  “…cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.”[iv]  “Slay them wherever you find them.”[v]  “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you.”[vi]  On and on it goes.  At a soccer game in Turkey three days after the most recent Paris terror attacks, a moment of silence was called to honor the victims.  The 17,000 Muslims in attendance took the opportunity to loudly boo, jeer, and chant “alahu akbar,” in solidarity with the terrorists.

The true heart of the matter is that we cannot have a useful dialog about the situation because the Western elite has contempt for our way life and poisoned the well of public discourse.  The leftist drones on about his love of freedom and our way of life, but in truth he holds our civilization in contempt as racist, imperialistic, and exploitative, and so finds it easier to show compassion for a terrorist killer than for the widow of his victim.  He recoils in horror at a picture of a terrorist made to take his clothes off at Abu Ghraib, but seeks to “understand” the motives of men who fly jets into buildings packed with innocent people.

Western civilization must reject the self-loathing of such people.  We must turn our face toward this vicious enemy and comprehend its evil nature.  We face a long, twilight struggle for the survival of our entire way of life against an enemy that does not regard any of us – not our soldiers, not our women, or even our children – as worthy of any compassion.  If we cannot muster the collective will to simply acknowledge such savages for what they are, we are doomed to lose this struggle, and so sentence humanity to a thousand years of darkness under the heel of Muslim savagery.

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I really do not like it when they target populated areas. People have enough personal problems of their own. It is unfair that they are always the one dying or getting injured while the leaders of both parties get to stay and quarrel with the enemies in a safe area. They should stop making people the front liners in any dispute. I pray that these violence stop for good.

01/12/2017 12:07am

I really afraid of muslims. I'm so happy to live in country with less muslims)

03/19/2017 2:04am

The internet has brought many inventions with it, none of which has so easily given two people from anywhere in the world a chance meeting.

05/15/2017 3:26am

Muslims are the number one problem in Europe. And in such countries as France, Germany, England etc.

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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