PictureSurprise! Hillary walks on felony charges...
The director of the FBI announced this month that Hillary Clinton is guilty of each and every element of the statute regarding the handling of classified information - and that she should not be prosecuted.  Rather than lay out the very clear facts of the case, I have decided to attempt to explain why and how such a travesty can take place right out in the open.

The few people left in the United States who are capable of surprise or outrage when it comes to the corruption of our governmental officials are, rightly, flabbergasted and disgusted by this bald-faced act of political corruption on the part of the FBI and the Justice Department.  What these people fail to realize is that American culture cast aside all concerns about morality and integrity decades ago.  When Hillary’s husband was found to have had an adulterous affair with a young subordinate, and performed deviant sexual acts inside the Oval Office, his popularity surged.  He lied to the American people repeatedly, was impeached by congress, and still left office with a 66 percent approval rating.

The American people simply do not expect honesty from their leaders - or from anyone else for that matter.  We live in a society in terminal decline that worships nihilism and fame as the highest achievement in life.  Look at the popularity of movies such as Good Fellas ­ and television programs like The Sopranos that celebrate and glamorize the vicious sociopaths of the Italian Mafia.  When our culture celebrates Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as the epitome of courage, the Kardashian girls as heroes and role models, and thrill to MMA savagery as entertainment, is it any wonder that millions worship Hillary despite the three decades of scandal, corruption, and criminality she has left in her wake?

The bottom line is that Americans not only do not demand integrity in their public officials - they do not value it in the slightest.  They fully expected the FBI to play its designated role in the political cover up, for James Comey to take his direction from the corrupt attorney general, who received her marching orders from Don Clinton in a secluded meeting on a private jet. 

The people who support Hillary, or Bernie Sanders, or any other socialist politician are totally unfazed by revelations of criminality and corruption.  You could prop their eyelids open and play all the Facebook side-by-side videos of Hillary lying on one side and the proof of her lies on the other, and they would still enthusiastically vote for her.  Integrity is not the standard by which our leaders are judged - they are judged by the voter’s impression of how effective that person will be in using the monolithic power of government in ways that will benefit them.  Any candidate who combines fame with the perceived ability to put other people’s money into their pockets will win the hearts of the rabble.  They could be filmed bashing a puppy’s skull in with a shovel and receive 70 million votes in November.

Ignorance and intellectual dishonesty are the staples of American political life.  While it is more pronounced in the Democrat Party because of their allegiance to socialist philosophy, which embraces the maxim “the ends justify the means,” Republican elites and their partisans also display this characteristic.  The American people reflect this behavior, and in their apathy and ignorance, allow it to thrive and perpetuate.

So do not be surprised at the naked corruption on display here; but also do not give up.  We must continue the fight against those who have hijacked the American Revolution and turned it into a creeping tyranny run by two criminal cartels known as Republicans and Democrats.