A collection of some 450 American writers has penned an open letter of opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump for president.  Released on May 24, the letter suggests that Trump is an aspiring dictator and a bigot, “who encourages aggression among his followers, shouts down opponents, intimidates dissenters, and denigrates women and minorities…”  While these people are certainly entitled to their opinion, one wonders where there sense of moral outrage is when it comes to Trump’s opponent; the redoubtable Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Firstly, the letter itself is an example of free and open expression of ideas, yet typical of type of empty gestures we’ve come to expect from lefties.  The notion that Mr. Trump is a bigot is absurd when one looks at his past; politically “insensitive” comments that trigger spasms among Republican elites and college students notwithstanding.  As for the aggression of Trump’s followers, it was Trump who survived an assassination attempt earlier today, and it is his Democrat opponents that have repeatedly rioted and assaulted Trump supporters, and destroyed tens of thousands of dollars of property, and made numerous death threats against Mr. Trump.

Secondly, while Donald Trump may very well not possess the proper temperament and experience to be president, what sort of pathetic hypocrites can publicly voice their opposition to him and remain silent on Hillary Clinton?  Ms. Clinton has been exposed for telling far more lies than even Richard Nixon ever dreamt of.  She is under investigation by the FBI for her illegal use of a private email server and mishandling of classified government information.  She is a warmonger of the first order, just as much as her former boss, Barack Hussein Obama.  She is the most transparently phony and duplicitous politician in recent memory, and yet these writers are completely unconcerned about the prospect of her becoming president.

By their denunciations of Trump and silence with regard to Clinton, these writers expose themselves as mere partisans who eagerly hope for another Clinton presidency and the continuation of the Obama administration policies of the past eight years.

Were these writers as concerned about the well-being of America as they are about posing as earnest intellectuals frightened by a candidate who shuns their speech codes, they would call for an end to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, which has drained 95 percent of the dollar’s value since 1914, and thus disproportionately hurt the poor; these preening authors would also demand an audit of the Federal Reserve to see just how many trillions of Americans’ money has been handed over to big corporations and big political donors; they would demand an end to our overseas military empire that inspires hatred of our country the world over; they would demand honesty and transparency from their politicians - immediately disqualifying Clinton from holding public office; they would take a break from patting themselves on the back and demand that their government end illegal wars like the one Hillary and Barack waged in Libya, and extrajudicial assassinations of individuals across the globe in violation of our constitution; they would climb off their high horse and go tell their congressman to balance the federal budget and pay down our debt before the total collapse of our currency, economy, and way of life.

These are the things that someone truly concerned with the public welfare would write a letter about.  Such a principled stand would, however, leave many signatories like Stephen King and Junot Diaz off the guest list at Democrat fundraisers.  Just for the record, both the Republican and Democrat political parties are against all of the things listed above, because they are all part of the same cabal of crony “crapitalists” and political shills that run this country.  The owners of our nation are not elected - they select the people we get to vote for.  Even the super-rich, bombastic, bigger-than-life Donald Trump will not be permitted to change the status quo if he wins the election.

So fear not, my earnest, learned, and high-minded fellow writers; no matter who wins in November, one thing is for certain - the owners of this country will never permit anything to really change.